Client Outcomes

gri•du•la•tor   [‘grih-dyoo-lay-tuhr]
  1. a signature Starboard tool used to assist clients with visualization of their information and work.
  2. a visually engaging and ultra-informative analysis tool, often embodied in the form of grids, matrices and tables.
See also: intelligence

Even in today’s uncertain times, your company is on a course. Maybe you’ve recently gone off course or are perhaps heading in a direction set by predecessors that no longer makes budgetary, political or philosophical sense for your future goals. With Starboard at the helm, we can either set your course or steer your proverbial vessel to a better course and the right destination.

Our clients walk away happy … and then they return, either for another project or they refer us to a colleague or partner. Like the analogous dolphins on our company logo, we’ve got our work down so seamlessly that we’ve even got our own way of communicating: Gridulator, Teamship, Leaderwork … you’ve seen these words scattered throughout this site, describing our core competencies. Now it’s time to put them to work for you.

We are eager to hear what you’ve got in motion. Begin the dialogue by contacting us.