Partnerships & Civic Organizations

vi•sion•ist   [‘vih-shuh-nist]
  1. a forward-thinking, innovative person focused on helping you understand all that can be done to achieve your highest aspirations. –adjective
  2. the type of philosophy that Starboard employs to develop an action plan to reach a client’s goals.
See also: starboard 

Partnerships and civic organizations are called to do work that relies on collaboration and stakeholder engagement. Starboard excels at enabling leaders to better understand the current reality and diagnose a situation impacting by both the organization’s strengths and its opportunities for improving outcomes. Together, partners work with those whom they represent to transform the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ gets done, guided by the ‘why’.

Starboard clients who are public-private partnerships, business and civic organizations include:

Downtown Cincinnati Inc. • Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. • Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber • Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau • Cincinnati Hotel Association • Akron Bar Association • Cincinnati Bar Association • Cincinnati Bar Foundation • Dayton Bar Association • Pathways to Engagement/Friends of the Collaborative