Our Collaborators

star•board   [‘stahr-bawrd]
  1. the steering side of a ship or vessel; the right side.
  2. the only consulting firm you will ever need to hire … period.
See also: relationship

Starboard’s team of seasoned professionals is proud to say that we combine book smarts with street smarts and add in equal parts determination and understanding. To bring the metaphor home, picture our qualifications as containing all the necessary ingredients for helping you accomplish your immediate and long-term goals.

Just as dolphins breach the surface in a synchronized way, we work as colleagues to tackle the issue before us, collectively. This team approach to problem-solving begins with our first recommending, then implementing, a solution. Clients see us as individuals — each with our own skill sets — pooling our talents to provide what they need in a timely way.

The people we handpick to work on your account reflect the highest standards of integrity and experience, and are committed to working relationships. Time and again, Starboard’s affability, ethics and professionalism go a long way toward measurable results.

From business consultants and process consultants to designers, writers and photographers; from media managers to relationship-builders and strategists; from facilitators and researchers to ad makers, the standouts on Starboard’s diverse panel include:

Patricia Bready … the genius at Quest Management Consulting LLC
Jim Lay … the go-to guy at J.F. Lay & Associates, LLC
Jim Brown … the heart of James W. Brown Organizational Consulting
Jo Anne Gibbons … the dependable core of The Gibbons Group
Chad Planner … the creative wizard at Pop Design Works
Carol Shea … the numbers woman at Olivetree Research LLC
Dave Fagin … the marketing expert at Snap Advertising
Bill Kling … the lifeline of Kling Marketing Communications
Tamara Sullivan … the soul of Sullivan Communications Inc.