Our Lexicon

star•board   [‘stahr-bawrd]
1. the steering side of a ship or vessel; the right side.
2. the only consulting firm you will ever need to hire … period.
See also: relationship

lea•der•work   [‘lee-der-wurk]
1. one of two beliefs at the root of Starboard’s corporate philosophy, relative to the work of a leader.
See also: teamship

team•ship  [‘teem-ship]
1. the Starboard-specific belief that relies on the sum of all parts of both the team and its leader in order to accomplish a client’s target objectives.
See also: leaderwork

fa•cil•i•ta•tor  [fah-‘si-lih-ta-tuhr]
1. someone who makes progress easier.
2. a person responsible for leading or coordinating the work of a group, as one who leads a group discussion.
3. something that is built, installed or established to serve a particular purpose.
See also: gridulator

gri•du•la•tor   [‘grih-dyoo-lay-tuhr]
1. a signature Starboard tool used to assist clients with visualization of their information and work.
2. a visually engaging and ultra-informative analysis tool, often embodied in the form of grids, matrices and tables.
See also: intelligence

vi•sion•ist   [‘vih-shuh-nist]
1. a forward-thinking, innovative person focused on helping you understand all that can be done to achieve your highest aspirations.
2. the philosophy that Starboard employs to develop an action plan to reach a client’s goals.
See also: Starboard

re•la•tion•ship  [ree-‘lay-shun-ship]
1. a state of connectedness between people; an alliance.
2. a connection involving mutual dealings between two or more people, parties or businesses.
3. the most important advantage Starboard offers its clients.
See also: visionist

in•tel•li•gence   [in-‘tell-i-jehns]
1. the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.
2. aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.
3. the faculty of understanding.
4. superior powers of mind.
See also: Starboard