vi•sion•ist   [‘vih-shuh-nist]

  1. a forward-thinking, innovative person focused on helping you understand all that can be done to achieve your highest aspirations.
  2. the type of philosophy that Starboard employs to develop an action plan to reach a client’s goals.

See also: starboard 

With citizen advocate Marie Gemelli-Carroll at the helm, Starboard’s strategies are infused with a working knowledge of the ins and outs of local government, allowing the relationships we’ve forged with elected officials to work in your favor. We create jumping-off points to match the efficacy and efficiency of your objectives, so that you get the most out of our available resources, in a timeframe that’s on-the-ball and goal-oriented.

Our clients from within local government include:

City of Cincinnati • Hamilton County • Colerain Township • City of Crestview Hills • City of Silverton