Why Dolphins

star•board   [‘stahr-bawrd]
  1. the steering side of a ship or vessel; the right side.
  2. the only consulting firm you will ever need to hire … period.
See also: relationship

Dolphins mean a great deal to Starboard Captain Marie Gemelli-Carroll — especially with regard to what they symbolize. For starters, breathing is voluntary for these intelligent mammals. Only one-half of a dolphin’s brain can rest at any given time; as that portion of the brain rests, the other is busy clicking away. Similarly, Marie has been accused of “never sleeping” and “always thinking.” She can’t help it; once a task is placed before her, she is constantly processing ideas on a client’s behalf. So, in conjunction with Starboard’s team approach, chances are your goals are always on somebody’s mind!

Dolphins work and play in teams, build relationships easily and are therefore great communicators. The same can be said for Starboard. Our work is based on the relationships we build, maintain and enhance among ideas, individuals, groups and organizations. The work we enjoy most, and yields the most impact for our clients, is that which calls everyone to a new level of thinking — finding approaches that have worked from outside the immediate realm of a client’s experience, for example — and translating that thinking into tangible results.

Lastly, because of their superior communication skills, dolphins help keep ships on course, and have even been known to rescue humans lost at sea. Starboard’s track record for “rescuing” clients who found themselves in a strategic rut is both extensive and gratifying.